Traveler Experiences

One thing you'd recommend to others before traveling to Italy?

If you know you suffer from allergies or are prone to getting sick easily, take every precaution possible to prevent getting fully sick while traveling. Take your vitamins and get all the rest you can before. However, if you do happen to get sick which is not uncommon do NOT stay in your hotel! If I had stayed in bed on the day I was feeling my worst I would have missed this beautiful site.

— Katie
Texas, USA

Travel light! There’s a lot to see, so many places to go. You don’t want to be weighed down by your luggage! 10kg in a small carry-on size bag is more than sufficient!

— Andy
Texas, USA

To really do your homework! Since visiting Italy, I’m realizing that there are many things to go back to see that I missed...the Appian Way, Mouth of Truth and special tour to St. Peter's grave in the Vatican. Plus, a tour of the prison where Paul and Peter are believed to have spent their last days including visiting a few art museums. I WILL BE BACK!

— Jenni
Washington, USA

The three things I would recommend are to pack light and get ready to shop in Italy, get mentally prepared for the plane ride, and trust that everything will be organized for you.

— Brittney
Texas, USA

Something I would recommend to others when traveling to another country especially Italy is to pack light, pack light and pack light. I can’t stress this important point enough. Italy is a shopping haven for so many incredible things to buy. If you come light, you will return with a full luggage of everything Italian and you won’t have to worry about extra baggage fees at the airport. Shop local!

— Sally
Texas, USA