Traveler Experiences

One place you'd go again in Italy and why?

I would definitely go back to Venice. This city on water truly feels like a fairytale come to life. Every turn was a beautiful site full of life and history! Cruising on a gondola down the Grand Canal is a must as well as shopping in Piazza San Marco. Then, of course, ending the night with a cappuccino!

— Katie
Texas, USA

The Island of Capri. For me, it’s the best of Italy on a small exclusive Island. The views and overall feel are what make it a beautiful paradise.

— Andy
Texas, USA

I would go again to ALL the places I've been Rome, Florence, Pisa, and Assisi. And, many more places I want to visit! Each place is so rich in history and so very beautiful.

— Jenni
Washington, USA

If I could return to one place in Italy in a heartbeat, I would say Venice! Venice is absolutely beautiful. There are no words to describe how amazing Venice is… it's a city everyone should experience once in their lives.

— Sally
Texas, USA

Rome is about the only place in Italy that we would return on a recurring basis. The whole city is like a history and art museum. From Michelangelo's frescoes in the Sistine Chapel to Bernini's life-like statues of marble in the Borghese Gallery to almost every church, Rome is truly one of the greatest cities in the world. What makes Rome great is more than the art and history. We also take time for the simple pleasures of taking it easy and enjoying la dolce vita.

— Tony & Marilyn
Texas, USA

It’s so difficult to choose one place in Italy because the entire trip was unforgettable, but if I had to choose one place all over again I would visit Piazza San Marco at night. Everything about Venice is magical, but strolling along the Piazza at night was romantic especially sipping on a hot cappuccino and enjoying a tray of desserts while taking it all in. The lights, the people, the passion and love felt on every street corner left me wanting to go back.

— Brittney
Texas, USA