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The best takeaway from the entire trip?

My recommendation would be: don't put the value of money over the value of the experience. Pay a little extra for a nice restaurant, a five star hotel room, a private driver, a private tour, or quality Italian-made products. For us, having a private driver and taken directly to our destination was well worth the investment. Our trip was not spent waiting at the metro station just to get close to our destination or a train station jumping from one train to another. Having a private driver made our vacation much more enjoyable and worry-free.

— Tony & Marilyn
Texas, USA

The best take away from this trip was just being in another country and living the way the locals do such as enjoying a five-course meal most times, and spending quality time at the table talking since most meals lasted more than 2 hours. Best of all, tasting real Italian cuisine! The flavors were so different and authentic. I’ve never eaten so much pasta in my life. It was fun being part of it all even traveling by train was fun, too!

— Sally
Texas, USA

For me, it was learning that peacocks are a sign of the early Christian church (which I learned from my tour guide at the Vatican Museums)! As I traveled to my next destination in Greece I realized that in fact I am a peacock - and that the feathers I had been finding over the past year and a half were leading me to this epiphany. Peacocks shed their feathers and they become more and more brilliant over time - and are a symbol of the resurrection. This trip - that was led by God for me - unlocked sacred thoughts and cemented my sweet friendship with Sally. I am so very glad that I went and was able to share my experience through my blog.

— Jenni
Washington, USA

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The best take away from the entire trip were the memories we have with our Italian family. I’ve never laughed so much in my life before or eaten so much! I can still savor the lasagna and everything we enjoyed at the dinner table including thinly-sliced prosciutto with mozzarella. I look forward to our annual visit.

— Brittney
Texas, USA

The biggest thing I took away from this trip is the culture shared among Italians as well as the differences within each city. Two shared principles I enjoyed bringing home was contentment in simplicity and appreciation for food. Whether it was strolling down the beach or talking over a cup of coffee, Italians truly live and value every moment with friends and family. Also, cooking and preparing a meal is similar to a craftsmanship in Italy and I admit you can taste the artistry in every bite!

— Katie
Texas, USA